Is it Real or Is It Memorex – Mystical Coincidences Arise Once Again (Cue the Twilight Zone Music)

Anne Francis passed away on Sunday after living a very robust 80 years on this earth.
Known for her portrayal of Altaira ‘Alta’ Morbius in the 1956 science fiction classic “Forbidden Planet” with Walter Pidgeon, made her a sassy and lovable heroine to so many geeks and movie fans alike.

Having fought a long extended battle with lung and pancreatic cancer, Anne Francis passed away on Sunday, January 2, 2011. This is not meant as a remembrance piece or obituary, but an interesting twist to her passing was the monthly scheduling of the Turner Classic Movie January film guide. On Sunday, January 2 at 6 PM EST, Turner Classic Movies (TCM) scheduled “Forbidden Planet” to air and on her final day on earth, one of her most memorable roles was aired for millions to see as her body laid to rest one last time.

Later that night…..

In one of my traditional deep sleeps. I mean so deep, I don’t even hear the songs playing on my blackberry throughout the night as I receive all my daily overnight spam. During my rest, I had a dream that I was almost hit walking across the street by an old classmate. One I had not spoken to in many years. Of course we are connected on Facebook like so many of our former high school and college class mates, but never formally spoke.

First the first time ever, he emailed me out of the blue. Just a few hours after her appeared in a dream, he was there in reality.

Whether you are spiritual or not, believe in mystic wonders or just fascinated by the wonders around us, it welcomes room for conversation.

Let us add this latest mystery to the previous whispers of coincidence ( and one cannot ignore signs that are placed in our life path to open our minds to the mystery of pure wonder…

2 thoughts on “Is it Real or Is It Memorex – Mystical Coincidences Arise Once Again (Cue the Twilight Zone Music)

  1. I am a big believer in signs – I actually ask for them to be given to me at times when I am not sure where to focius. It is amazing how often my wish is granted. I have learned that most signs are subtle and can get overlooked. Sometimes the sign, like the two in the posting, are very obvious or can feel like a slap across the face. These signs are my favorite as you can’t miss them. It is my beleif that they are strong messages that one shouild take into account.

    Ironically, this am in my journal I specifically asked for signs in a few areas of my life where I need clarity or guidance. Is this blog a sign for me that they are coming and to be patient?????

  2. I was wondering how Anne Francis was doing. She and I had been writing to each other, off and on. I thought I would do a GOOGLE to see how she was doing, and to my shock and amazement I see that she had died that very day. I felt a tremendous amount of sadness and loss. What a wonderful person she was. We needed more people like her in this world.
    God rest your soul Anne ! Many will miss you.


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