The Dawn – Original Poem

A maiden, high in the mountains above the clouds encompassing the power of wisdom and strength, sits on the snow cap tip pondering a life in reflection.

All she wants is something to believe in

A mother looking for comfort in the womb

A woman looking for the love to heat the flame dwindling in her heart

In one desperate moment, clarity is revealed.

In the mirror, the reflection of a little girl who lost her way, but in a moment of despondency, the path is found

She is defined by the clarity of life’s experience
In hardship, her pain is eased

Time is a partner in re-birth as a new chapter begins for the spirit within

Now the roar of the thunder eases and the bird lay to rest on the nestled fur of a new generation

The sun lowers itself to the evening grave and tomorrow a fresh sunrise and new wonder will once again smile on the maiden

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