Cancer Kills….Let Life Rejuventate

We all have cancer.
The moment we are born we begin the process of dying.
Cancer only puts a finite time frame on your passing from this mortal hotbed.

Every one of us is affected by cancer in some capacity. Whether it is a friend, family member, loved one or yourself, we are all personally dealing with this infectious murderer in some internalized way. Cancer is an interesting dinner guest. It invites itself in without regard for the size, shape or age of the home it enters. As it grows and spreads, its poison brings pain and fear to those around it. It also brings some to question the existence of a true spiritual guiding force that would bring such an indiscriminate killer to light.

It is a scary thought, the idea of the eternal unknown. What adds to that deep penetrating thought is the idea that another living organism can grow inside you and put a stamp on your expiration date.

I hope I raised some spirits at this point.

If you have not gotten that impression yet, I assure you the goal of these words was to wake you up from that sleepy haze of fear. Life is a finite journey of awakening, education and emotional explosion. It is beautiful and dark, exciting and comforting; but the magic of life is that we are all given an individual shot to define it for ourselves and set a legacy for others to follow. Each generation looks to the last to guide and set a positive example.

What better example to set than to live to the fullest potential the imagination has to offer.

We are all born with some very simple principles:

1 – We are all unique individuals
2 – We all have the ability to love and be loved
3 – Our destiny and legacy are dictated by the actions we chose
4 – People will look up to you and you will look up to others
5 – Life is a blessing
6 – We all have the passion to fight for what we believe in

Think about it for a moment. If life is so painful and unfair, why do we fight so hard to stay alive.

I am asking all of you out there whether you are healthy or fighting against an unknown illness to chose life. Chose happiness and let fear have its day with someone else.

When you release the fear, you will see brighter colors, warmer days, lower stress and a much deeper connection to the earth and all its wonders.

Go outside and see what you have been missing.

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