Please Vote on the Next Book Cover

I am reaching out to all of the wonderful fans to request your input. We have two final versions of the new book cover and we would like your input to decide which we will chose.

Please use the comments section and let us know your thoughts.

Thank you in advance for your candid feedback

Version #1 – Full Color

Version #2 – Black and White

46 thoughts on “Please Vote on the Next Book Cover

  1. I like the black and white version the best. They both look nice, but the B&W looks more professional.

  2. Version 1 (the color version looks better as it blends with as well as enhances the background of the entire cover)

  3. Personally i wish there was a 3rd which is a Hybrid of the 2. The colored writing in excellent but both photos should be in b&w.

    But if stuck with the above 2, go with option 1

  4. I like the full color version for the front, but B&W for the back. The sharpness of the front on version 1 seems better than 2. Actually, if you can run the back cover in color BUT make it look B&W like the front of 1, even better.

  5. Hi Mark… I like the full color version… It definitely pops…, Although, I believe that the pictures should be in black & white… I can’t wait to receive my copy. Take care.

  6. wow! they both look very good=)
    I like the 1st version more though, because of the way color of letters correlate with color of the cover on it.) Full color.)

  7. Hey Mark… Congrats on the new book! The first cover caught my attention, but the black and white photos are nicer… Let me know when your book is published…

  8. I like the full color one, which still has the black and white photo on the front cover… The Black and White one reminds me of running out of ink in my printer;) but I am not an art person. As just a regular person I think more people would pick up the color one to see what was in it..

  9. Hi Mark-
    In my opinion, version 1 is visually softer – connecting better with the ideas described on the back cover. The photo on the back is a snapshot and is best served in color…not dramatic/artistic enough for black and white like the cover shot. (color in this photo reflects sweetly on the moment)
    Good luck with this book as you continue to inspire others!

  10. I like the front of the book of Version #1 Full Color because it is much more rich looking and the back of the book of Version #2 Black and White.

  11. Version 1 for sure! It just seemed a lot warmer to me and as soon as I saw it I right away wanted to look more at it and read everything on it. Version 2 just didn’t do that for me. Definitely full color!

  12. Definitely #2. I think it goes better with the black and white photo, and the white lettering stands out better against the colored background. Good luck with the new book!

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