Warriors at Peace – Original Poem

The day is upon us

Strength is buried in the loins of these brave warriors who have preyed on the sacrifices of the weak
A journey through the sands of the desert

In awe, an inspirational vision of the promise land glowing in the radiant flow of shadows and colors is painted in the horizon

Now weary, the defiant mortals kneel at rest in thankful prayer for the gift of survival

Small in numbers but rich on tradition, this band of brothers look upon the spirit of the high priestess to guide their path to the predetermined circumstance of the stars

They wait in silence for a sign

In quiet desperation, the world slows its rotation to almost a universal moment of serendipitous tranquility
The perfect moment

Pure as the blue in an infant’s eyes
Sacred as the bond of eternal love

Now is the time to stand tall; define a legacy and carve eternity into the hearts of millions

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