I Am Ready to Get Married…..

I am ready.
I want the romantic weekends in the mountains
The spontaneous trips to the Caribbean
Walks by the ocean
Cuddling by the fireplace
Bottles of wine on the porch.

I am ready to take that step.

There are many factors that go into that decision.
There are some that reach a level of maturity or perhaps lose focus based on the volumes of rules around dating in a modern society where relationships begin and end with a text message.

Still others find comfort in coming home to someone each and every night.

Then there is the rarity of all rarities: True unadulterated love.

That is one that is the gift of all eternity.

I am not saying I am willing to settle in any capacity, but I am openly admitting that I am ready.

I am taking applications, recommendations, thoughts, and any other insanity you can bring my way.
All proposals will be taken into consideration.

Why not.

Now I have laid it out there. There it is..floating in mid air.
Out in space time stratosphere.
Now we wait for the outpouring of love.

That was refreshing.

To think, by year end I may be married and love with spring us into 2012….

Let the clock begin as love finds it’s way to my heart

2 thoughts on “I Am Ready to Get Married…..

  1. This is gorgeous Mark and with the words you said you will make someone a wonderful husband. I would apply but last time I looked two husbands was illegal. Can you teach mine the things you said??

    Love ya

  2. i know for certain i am ready to get married because i dont like telling him bye and i love him and he is my everything and i have never met a guy like him and he makes me happy even when i want to cry cause he is a sweetheart and i cant wait to say i do next year in 2013 and i am madly in love with him even though sometimes our relationship is hard sometimes i am going to do everything to see that it works out

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