Happy Birthday Mom (You are forever in my memory)

It has been several years since you passed away and I can still see you clearly in front of me.
I can sense your presence as I face each challenge in my life. You continue to be my special Valentine.

Today is your birthday
It was so difficult to think of a gift that would even compare to what you gave us each and every day. You gave us everything unselfishly and without recourse.

Every year I got a birthday card from you and it always made me smile. Not just because there was money. This is my birthday card to you.

You were the strength of the family and the glue that kept us close

It was in your wit and charm that I discovered my own personality
It was witnessing your courage as you battled breast cancer and diabetes that I found my inner fortitude

What was so amazing is how you hid your fears from us, because to us you were a pillar; a rock surrounded by a sea of uncertainty.

Thank you for continuing to provide life lessons by entering my dreams and thoughts.
Every morning I see a picture of you on my mantle when you were so young and had your whole life in front of you. I like remember you that way.

Today is a hard day. It is a second by second reflection on my entire life and how you were a part of every step.

I was the closest to you, so in a way it has hit me the hardest. It was hard enough to leave you for camp let alone to never have the chance to sit up at night and talk to you about everything.

I could not have been given a better honor in life than to have you as a mother. You made me smile, laugh, cry and most importantly think about life and challenge myself. You taught me right from wrong and helped me understand that people are fair and good.

You sacrificed your upbringing to raise me in a safe harbor where I would get an excellent education and be surrounded by nature, family and security.

I want you to know that you mean as much to me today as you ever did and you continue to be with me.

I want to wish you what would be a very Happy Birthday today and leave you with the words you said me every night before I went to sleep, “I love you”

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Mom (You are forever in my memory)

  1. What a beautiful card Mark! It’s so touching nad so sweet. I am glad you had a chance to share those wonderful memories with your mother.

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