You know you are like your father when…..

You are like your father when…..

You drive 25 miles and pass 8 gas stations so you can save 3 cents a gallon on gas

You spend more time in your garage than your living room

You think every movie in color is dumb

Sunday morning exercise consists of cutting coupons from the newspaper

All gifts for birthdays and holidays come in a white envelope with cash or a gift card

Learning how to use a computer is harder than being an astronaut in the NASA program

You TIVO the Weather Channel

When researching a vacation spot, the only thing you look for are the types of restaurants in the area

You would rather watch the commercials when one of your favorite movies is on TV instead of just putting in a DVD

You have no idea what a Farmer’s Market is because you assume all vegetables come frozen

You won’t ever say “I love you” but everyone that is important in your life knows you do

You still prefer 35MM film vs. Digital

You think the idea of grapefruit and prune juice is a good breakfast choice

You go to Walgreen’s or WalMart the day after a major holiday to get the 75% off candy

You feel you can be goofier than everyone that is younger than you

You think social media is dumb and text messaging is dumber

You don’t throw anything out until your attic caves in

You think collectibles are silly but Hess Trucks are COOL

You think Law and Order was created just for you

You think flying in planes is awesome

You think low risk real estate trusts are the path to riches

You go online and check all your accounts…DAILY

Reading a book means waiting for the movie to come out

I love you DAD!!!

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