Anxious Rest – Original Poem

You found in me the truth behind the lies

In the heart of the great escape, senses were tripped
We were without hope in a celebration of the end of existence

In the midst of the cloud of dismissal, a circle of hope formed
Unbroken by the forces of nature, we embrace in the security of eternal paradise

Patience penetrates into the anxious spirit of life

A whirlwind gusting
A turbulence of colors as the rainbow falls from the sky
Fairies dance in the meadow soaking in the bloodbath of sunshine

This fantasyland we fear is now the home we prayed for

We are kings
We are servants
We are noble
We are humble
We are rich in the bounty of love

A saving grace
A pardon for future crimes

As my judge and savior, I hereby sentence myself to a life sentence in your custody

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