Words of Honor – Original Poem

What is your way of escaping reality?
Has conscious thought been destroyed by the brigade of insanity, marching it soldiers into the battlefield in your head?

Scream the words spoken by legends of peace
Proclaim the rhymes of mystical journeyman who sacrificed reward for eternal rest

It is time to stand up
It is time to rejoice
It is time honor is more than graffiti on a wall

We come in alone
We leave alone

Grant me shelter from this impending storm
Protect me from the flames of the disease that sucks life from each passing breath

Slow down
Feel the rush of energy suspended in a vision of light
The warmth of the rush is within the reach of stillness

Sip the wine that rushes through the veins of the temporary portal that journey’s through mortality
Rejoice in the gift of will and give back to the unknown being, the promise

The promise to dedicate this home built of flesh to the calling

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