A Perfect Storm

Good morning world.

It is Saturday morning, a cup of rasberry pomogranate tea, my Saturday morning mix and the dead silence of everything around me. Truly the perfect storm. It is in the midst of such an auspicious morning where the dew in the air and a slight refreshing breeze are the stars of the performance, we are reminded of the simple moments of comfort and seclusion so few of us get during the course of a week.

The world is continuing to revolve, proven by the opening section of the Wall Street Journal, but as most of my surroundings continue to sleep, I am going to embrace this moment.

Many of us over think and rationalize our decisions several hundred times a times a day, but how often to we just reflect on the little joys of our lives. Maybe take a moment to look at a home video or pictures of you loved ones. It is such a rewarding experience to do nothing. There is no measurement indicating an accomplishment other than the small grin you will feel growing on your face.

Let you hair down, sit on the porch a little longer and forget your troubles for just an hour. In a way, it is your body recharging its batteries so that you can face the world full of abundant energy.

Sometimes I even need a reminder to accept the goodness in my life and not feel overwhelmed with all the challenges.

There is no educational value in this morning’s writing except to take this written lullaby as a reward to all the promise you have brought to others and give yourself the gift of you. This is your time to watch the clouds pass by, let the rain fall on your face and enjoy a perfect storm.

Close your eyes, feel the warmth of the sun and welcome in a new day, a new weekend and another day of the gift of life. It feels good, doesn’t it.

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