Happy Father’s Day – Mr. Solomon Leon…My Dad (Love you!!!)

It is a beautiful Sunday morning and to start off the renewal of another day, I took a walk to Wild Flour to get a pesto, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato turnover and walnut cranberry cookie. Every porch I passed or walker greeted me with a “Hello” or “Good morning” and upon the final turn to my street from the stairwell I heard “Good morning and Happy Father’s Day to you”.

Today is the annual reminder to say thank you to the original elder role model. In a way, parents are your first marriage. Each year for your entire life on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day you show them with love, food and gifts and reinforce that they mean more to you now then the day you met (Or first memory of them).

Also, it is one of the few times of the year, the US Postal Service actually works above and beyond the call of duty. With the warmth of a card, a evening of dining, a BBQ, a trip to the flea market or just sitting on the porch, we say “Here’s to you dad, you are one swell guy”.

I thought I would give a list of the reasons I love my Dad (This is not in lieu of a gift..).

1. He makes a great wing man. Strangely, he tends to get more women being all sweet with him then I ever do. The man has charm.

2. He loves to disagree with me on everything.

3. I am fairly certain that I would be financially bankrupt if it wasn’t for him keeping an eye on all my money. Half the time, I don’t even know what I have.

4. His obsession with grocery shopping and coupons changed me forever. I never use coupons and I have no rhyme or reason to how and when I grocery shop.

5. If I ever need the score of a Mets or Jets game, I am certain he won’t know. He is so focused on his Yankees and Giants that my sports interests are consistently not a priority to him.

6. He gets to his point quick. If he has a question, he asks and moves on. If he likes something he tells you or just puts it away. A man of few words but many actions.

7. He loves to pretend he doesn’t like people.

8. He won’t pay for parking unless he has eliminated all other options.

9. He knows each street and route in Manhattan and the neighboring boroughs yet doesn’t know the streets of my hometown

10. He can sniff out a bargain like a hound dog and loves the day after holidays when candy is super cheap and he usually doesn’t even eat it.

11. He finally subscribed to my blog!!!!

12. No matter what is wrong, simple or complex, he is always there for me and always supports the choices I make.

Thank you Dad for everything…

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