I Love the 80’s…The Music That Is (Playlist)

No matter how much time passes in our lives, we are always brought back to the golden age of anything goes music, the 80’s. It was a decade without rhyme or reason, but one that showered us with one hit wonders and catchy chorus’ that seem to make their way into our lives with every passing holiday or retro episode of our favorite shows.

It was a time where lines were crossed and inclusion of all lifestyles, beliefs, and personalities were accepted. Trends were a dime a dozen from the Rubik’s Cube to the Pet Rock. This was a decade that may have laid the foundation for the innovation wave we are experiencing today.

For that, the music was a critical factor in the evolution of modern society.

In celebration on this Fourth of July Weekend, we have created this diverse playlist of songs both popular and obscure to give you a virtual time machine back to the 80’s. Enjoy this mix of rock, pop, rap, love, disco, electric and just crazy mayhem.

By the end, you should be “Dancing in the Streets that Have No name with some West end Girls, or maybe do a little Overkill Down under or even go to a White Wedding where you will meet a girl that will Kiss You Deadly

Click link for full playlist:

Why We Love the 80’s Music Mix

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