To The One…You Engaged My Senses and Brought A Moment of Perfection

I’ve been lucky to have known you.
I’ve been fortunate to have loved you.
I’ve been blessed with the fortitude to have a moment of completeness in my life as you passed through exciting my senses and warming the energy around my heart.

You know who you are for you have carried a piece of me with you everywhere you turn.

It is that shared moment that defined a life, that determined a destiny, that felt once again.
Sometimes the hardest part about letting go is realizing that that moment had to happen in its entirety and then let go for the wind to take it away. It is a shared moment of finite perfection that is meant to last, not the eternity of mediocrity hoping to reengage once again what slipped away.

I don’t know what drew me to you other than it just did. It was a tsunami of euphoria that captured my mind, body and soul and swept me into the bottomless abyss of the ocean. Without you, I would not have now; without now I cannot sit here and think of you.

I was fortunate to have been put in a translucent state where destinies found their way to each other and then let their course run. I am not sure if we had control of the time we spent together or time dictated our every word. It is a story that may or may not sometime be told by generations after us.

Those moments are forever on the tombstones of the cemetery in our minds with each stone written the words of our love.

It is within you that I write this

Forever yours….

One thought on “To The One…You Engaged My Senses and Brought A Moment of Perfection

  1. Absolutely breathtaking. To be able to put such a transient thing into words and have such emotions so beautifully conveyed is astounding. You are a true artist. Je l’adore.

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