The Nothing Man see Everything…

The Nothing Man is all around.
He is sitting on the bench in the park.
He is under a tree contemplating the rebirth of a life left behind in the trenches of shadows suffocated by the air that we breathe.
He is in your dreams.
He is standing at the station watching the trains go by.
He is the man you are, the man you want to be and the man you could have been.

He let it all go to only find the real truth was the bond between him and her.

Love lost is a tragedy because love is the only truth. It is the essence of existence and the answer to the questions that stand before us every day we inhabit this earth.
We are born alone and die alone, but the only gift we can receive is love.

The Nothing Man knows that and willingly lost the only explanation of meaning.
He knows for he has lost.
He is left behind.
Falling into the sea, he tries to catch himself before he drowns.
Can he recapture that shared feeling that brings the energy of two into one powerful act of suggestion.

He is the Nothing Man, but knows all.
He knows the impulse, the chase, the bond and the release.
He has seen the full spectrum of seed to flower and crushed it in an act of selfishness.

Why would the Nothing Man destroy the only thing that kept him alive?
He needed to bleed to feel the pain bottled up inside.

He is the Nothing Man.
He is alone in body and mind, but forever bonded in spirit.
He needs to capture once again before the blood drips to the dirt and buries itself forever in the ground.

We pray for Nothing Man for he is within all of us. He provides us guidance and gives us shelter in the loneliest hour. He is the man in the mirror reminding us that true love is a gift. One to be cherished and held like a fragile egg. Do not search; for it will find you. Do not hold on too tight; for it will break.

Always, always cherish it every moment that you share a breath.

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