Baby Alert 2011: Operation Baby Drop

For those of you keeping tabs on the baby alert, we are still awaiting the arrival of the newest edition to Planet Earth and the 12,418th resident of Hugo, Minnesota.

Mommy and Daddy are spirited, energized (at least as energized as a nine month expecting mother can be) and gitty as a bubble bee on a spring day. Just two days away from the expected day of arrival and business as usual.

Last evening, I joined three close friends who have known each other since high school over an adult dinner that consisted of great food, conversation, diet coke, coffee and not a drop of alcohol to be found. This was quite an instantaneous reminder of maturity as I gazed at the table. What a refreshing evening to share memories with friends who graciously invited me into their circle many years ago and have not looked back.

Almost three years since the last time this group was able to congregate in a similar setting, we slipped back immediately into our comfort zones. As we sat there, talked about high school, vacations, moments of support and the future, it was comforting and nervous to know that within days, all of our lives will change. For some in a small way and for others, a new stage in life from friend, daughter, and wife to Mother.

Through all the many thoughts that ran through our respective heads, it was a very relaxing dinner with enough laughter to cover us for a long time to come.

We all need moments with our closest friends to remind us how important they are even if our interaction has been limited due to life paths we have chosen.

Typically for a nine month pregnant woman, that would be a full Friday evening, but not for this mother to be. We migrated to a small dive bar in South St. Paul for a little blues jam led by the amazing guitar riffs of the grandfather to be. Seeing his daughter smile and clap as her father plays the tunes that have inspired him to perfect his singing and guitar playing skills was an inspirational tribute to family. As we listened and got a shout out for both mom and grand dad, we finally made our way into the night to return home and wait for the newborn to say “Ok, here I come.” When you think of a typical Friday night of dancing, bars, and haplessly juvenile behavior, I was honored to take in the image of three generations sharing in a family moment with the backdrop of blues and rock in the background.

Another sunrise has come and we continue to wait, living our lives as we normally would, but ready for that phone call or text that will bring us all together once again in the comfort of a hospital and leaving with one more person to add to the dinner table.

More to come….

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