To Antonio James – Original Poem

Dedicated to Sonni and Sam and the entire family on the birth of Antonio James…

To Antonio James

Born July 28, 2011

Before you, we were not lost or without direction, just undiscovered

In a brief moment, you came upon us
A gift for years of patience

Our future is seen in the clarity of your eyes
A gentle being, so soft, so peaceful, so unaware of the meaning you shed upon us

Now, a family of three
Mother, Father and Son
With the warmth of each embrace, you shelter our hearts with a lifetime of memories yet to be realized

In our arms, we will protect you
With each sunrise, a reminder of the energy of family

Now as you take your first steps toward your journey of life, we bear witness to every moment along the path

With each tear, we will comfort
With each success, we will celebrate
With each moment of confusion, we will bring distinctness

You have completed our family circle
The softness in your voice soothes us now

Hold you we will for soon, you will grow and step out into your own

Remember, you will forever be our baby, our one true love

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