Lessons Learned from Lucy – Happy 100th Lucille Ball

As we reflect on the life and impact of Lucille Ball on this the 100th Anniversary of her birth, we would like to provide a few lessons learned and impacts Lucy made on society and the entertainment industry.

1. You can be the most powerful entertainer in the world and be a female (You are very welcome Oprah)

2. You can be funny, witty, zany and still maintain sex appeal.

3. Lucy taught us that we can push the buttons of accepted television viewing with her relationship with
Desi and the birth of her child (The first pregnancy on network television).

4. In black and white or color, Lucy was still amazing to watch

5. As a shrewd marketer and businesswoman, Lucy found a way to find success in anything. In the summer of
1950 after being unable to convince CBS that her and Desi could be a believable TV couple, the two of
them went on tour performing before live audiences, and early in 1951 they produced a film pilot with
$5,000 of their own money. I LOVE LUCY was given a fall time slot and the rest is history.

6. When she was on top she stayed there. In the six year run of I Love Lucy, the show never ranked below
third in the ranking system and the decision to film the show vs. live audience so that it could be
used in syndication and translated in languages around the world set the standard for today’s
programming. Also, in its sixth and final season it ended number one in the rankings. Only the
Andy Griffith Show and Seinfeld were able to achieve that

7. She looks great on your mail. In 1998, as part of the U.S. Postal Service Century series, Lucy became
a permanent fixture on envelopes around the globe.

8. A true entrepreneur..Lucy and Desi were the first couple to own their own studio. She is a role model
for start ups. Who would have thought. Also, two years after their 1960 divorce, Lucy bought out
Desi’s share of Desilu Productions to be the head of the studio.

9. In January 1953, Lucille Ball and her son were the very first to appear on the cover of TV Guide
Magazine and later would appear a total of 39 Times (You are welcome Kim Kardashian and Jennifer

10. In October, I Love Lucy will, in first run and syndication, have been on the air almost continuously
for 60 years. How is that for longevity and stamina.

Though we lost Lucy in 1989, she never left our hearts and for generations to come will remain a pioneer and an icon to fans, actresses, comedians and business professionals for her talent, intelligence, wit, charm and beauty.

Lucy is a true one of a kind.

Thank you Jamestown, New York, Henry Durrell Ball and Desiree “DeeDee” Evelyn Hunt for giving the world Lucy

We truly love you Lucy.

2 thoughts on “Lessons Learned from Lucy – Happy 100th Lucille Ball

  1. Cool Lucille Ball tribute! I didn’t realize the show has run almost continuously for 60 years. I wish I could say the same for The Wonder Years…

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