The Reunion – Original Poem

As we walk through these doors seeing shadows of our younger selves draped on the pages of memories past, reflections of a time of innocence fill our heads with thoughts of dreamers and fairy tales.

We were invincible
We were unstoppable
We were the greatest collection of minds in the world with a seem less path to greatness

Time would follow us through our journey
College opened our eyes to a transformation and greater sense of awareness
Romance would overcome our adolescent rages
Responsibility took on much more than a test or quiz

We had become what we could not comprehend; a new generation of leaders

Walkmans became IPods
Typewriters now take the form of IPads

We have stepped through the fortress to a new beginning.

In the middle something happened that would change all of us forever….our home was invaded.
In one infamous morning we were thrust into a new world.

Life was officially no longer about the parties, the football games and the days on the lake.

We began to see ourselves through the eyes of the next generation
We felt the need to protect them from ourselves

Now, we return to our roots
A time of reflection
A time of reminiscing
A time to remind us of the importance we all shared for each other.

Twenty years ago, with the sounds of “This is the Time” echoing as the final bus departed, we said goodbye, not to each other, but a life left behind

Now we return, with a sense of wisdom
In our eyes, in our children’s eyes, in our family’s eyes, we see the great rewards our lives have brought

Now, clarity focused.
The real lessons taught were not by the teachers or books, but the lives we have led

You are forever the legacy that defines the meaning in our hearts

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