For Becky – Original Poem

She fills my heart with warmth
She coats it with nectar and soothes it with a warm summer breeze

Her voice reaches those that cannot talk
Her legs sacrificed for those that cannot walk
Her generosity feeds the empty stomachs of the poor

The flow of her red cherubic hair flows as she drifts through the jungles of Mother Earth in search of the passion of the journey

She wanders through villages near and far in hopes of providing a better life

She is a vision of a world filled with the humanity of goodness

In time, her weary hand will touch thousands
Memories of the gentle smile will carry on to future generations

In a rare moment, the most extraordinary act is but a smile and a single act of kindness

For I share a heart with an earthly angel

From a distance I can feel her, but cannot stop her from the charity she is blessed with

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