Friendship Unwavering – Original Poem

The winter is gone
Fear is no longer
The apocalypse that penetrated the soul strengthened the bond of friendship

In a moment of dire weakness, a power lifted from the trenches of the past and cemented a movement for peace

In this chaos, a calming silence spreads across the sky on leaves of red, orange and yellow

As the morning dew awakens a new season, a reunion of hope is brought once again to light
A unity of unspeakable grace
A pact written in the purity of smiles and forever written in the journal of life

An enemy penetrated our fortified home that thousands of miles could not break and united as one we overcame the beast

It is this moment, now in the dawn of a new day that the sun rises and shines on the faces of humanity
In a warm brush of the canvas, reminds us that friendship is a power greater than mankind

It is the strength of a thousand horses, the whisper of a young child and the smile of a newborn

Time is the physical journey we each must take in our chosen path; yet with each mile, we are closer as one

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