Lost in Wisdom – Original Poem

In the infinite wisdom of now, we are trapped in a moment kidnapped by the tools of our own hands.

Victims of the search for truth
Powerless to the agony of love

Swept away by the waves of time drowning our dreams with the reality we store in conscious thought

It’s hard to breath now
Suffocated by moments overwhelmed by man

We are robots in our skin; flesh eating metal

In the truest of words; arrested by emotions; saturated by potential
In an ironic twist, success is our greatest failure and insanity is the only calming agent

Now I look to a tree in its prominence and desire to grow
It is alone, firm to its roots and a shelter to those that pass under.
A protector to the almighty sun; a seasonal reminder of the passing of life and death
Renewed in warm, it returns for another season, another lesson

Close your eyes and bask as an exchange of energy revives the senses numb to the wasteland we call now

4 thoughts on “Lost in Wisdom – Original Poem

  1. I love “We are robots in our skin; flesh eating metal” Think that line could/should be explored further in another poem. There’s a story in that line. I will have to mull it over and see what emerges.

  2. Hi dude,
    Not sure if you’ll get this, so here goes. Please tell me where you got the image of the tree in the post? This reminds me of a dream I had and very strongly at that and I would like to find out more from you.

    Would love a response with what you know.


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