Just When We Needed a Hero – It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Super Tebow

Tim Tebow, throughout his collegiate career with the Florida Gators was a sweetheart and/or role model to all. He was a heart throb to the girls on campus and a legend to all men, fraternities and even professors. Every Saturday, during football season, Gainsville, Florida become Gator country and to some Tebow Country. Tim Tebow was a celebrity who could create an instant classic with his arm and legs.

Look at the numbers:

Winner of the Heisman Trophy in 2007, and 26 of 28 wins his final two seasons, he was destined for greatness. In his collegiate career, in the air and on the ground, Tebow amassed 145 touchdowns. A remarkable feat for any athlete. His respect for family, his morals, and his passion on and off the field made him a role model for children and adults. Before he even had a chance to throw a football in the National Football League (NFL), Tim Tebow Denver Broncos football jerseys became the fastest selling professionals jersey of all time. It was just a matter of time before a bronze statue would be erected in his honor.

Unfortunately, it was a difficult transition for this natural athlete as he struggled in pre-draft camp to transition to the more conservative flow of the professional game. Just when the sun could not shine any brighter on Tim, he saw himself on the sidelines, without fan fare and without a chance to prove his value to his fans and his new home, Denver.

Life has a funny way of turning on people and bringing even the most deserving to its knees. A man with such amazing conviction would not be let down. During his first season in the NFL, this 6’3″ 236 pound quarterback played in nine games, starting three with a quarterback rating of only 82.1 and completing 50% of his passes. Not a terrible inaugural year, but not numbers worthy of a champion.

Yesterday, something happened. The global economy did not completely turn around, natural disasters had not seized to exist and world peace welcome us in celebration and song, but something that gave us a reason to believe once again in the good of humanity. The Miami Dolphins were leading 15 – 0 over the Denver Broncos with 7 minutes and 34 seconds remaining in the game. Then Tim Tebow reached deep inside his soul and found the strength to once again raise himself to the levels that brought fans to their knees in Florida week in and week out. With 2 minutes and 44 seconds remaining, Tebow found Demaryius Thomas in the end zone to make it a 15 – 7 game. With only 17 seconds remaining in the game, Tim once again found the end zone this time a three yard pass to Daniel Fells. Now the score sits at 15 – 13. A two point conversion is the only thing that stood in the way of potential overtime. With fire in his eyes and wings on his heels, Tebow ran the ball into the right side of the end zone to force overtime and one of the most amazing comebacks of the year.

With 7 minutes and 24 seconds left in overtime, Matt Prater put the nail in the coffin with a 52 yard field goal and the beginning of a Mardi Gras celebration in honor of our newest hero, Tim Tebow.

It may not be a peace cry, but the sounds of Te-bow, Te-bow, Te-bow could be heard long into the dark hours of the night. It was a time for celebration in Denver, in the NFL and throughout the country. Tim Tebow is a patriot, not in the tradition of the military, but a person we want to look up to and a role model we can believe in.

He makes us want to be a better person and shows the world that hard work, strong ethics and a good moral foundation can result in success and accomplishment.

In the shadow of Dan Wheldon’s tragic death last weekend, unemployment, poverty, the tragedy in Turkey and a general mood of despair, Tim Tebow, showed us in 7 minutes and 54 seconds that miracles do happen and for a brief moment, a hero would come out from the rubble, smile at us and tell us that everything will be alright.

The faithful Miami Dolphin fans aside, Tim Tebow, we needed you to bring a little heroism into our lives.

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