Smallest Heart Can Make the Biggest Impact – Allison Griffor (Death of a 5 Year old saves 3)

“In the shadow of death, life is given new meaning”

Allison Griffor, 5, donates heart and other organs to other children

By Brad Franko and NBC News 2 Charleston

Doctors were able save Allison Griffor’s organs to save other children in need. Griffor is the 5-year-old shot during an attempted home invasion early Tuesday morning.

A family spokesman said doctors used Allison’s heart to save a 2-year- old child. She was also able to donate to two other children. One of her donations went to a child at MUSC. Two others went out of state.

A family spokesman issued a statement Friday at Waterfront Park, in Downtown Charleston. Richard Douglas told reporters, the park was Allison’s favorite spot.

A Facebook page dedicated to prayers for Allison and the Griffor family also delivered the sobering news.

“It is with a very heavy heart that I have to say that our prayers for a miracle were answered, just not the way we had planned. Allison has been called home to her heavenly father. Her family made the decision to donate her organs, which will be the miracle that other children have been waiting for. through this she will live on,” the statement says.

William Griffor says, he and his wife woke up to someone trying to kick-in their front door the Tuesday before she died.

“I ran to the front door and yelled hey and was about to open the door to grab whomever it was when I reached for the lock there was a blast through our door,” Griffor wrote in the comments section of a story on

He said, he grabbed his three kids and put them in the bedroom with his wife on the floor. It wasn’t until deputies came in, and turned on the lights that they realized Allison was shot.

Deputies are still searching for a suspect, and are working to see if a similar robbery is connected.

The Griffor family is asking for donations to be made to:

“Allison Griffor Fund”
Mail to: William and Allison Griffor Fund
First Federal of Charleston
PO Box 118068
Charleston, SC 29423

One thought on “Smallest Heart Can Make the Biggest Impact – Allison Griffor (Death of a 5 Year old saves 3)

  1. This was so sad that here was a family who moved to SC for a better life, a new start, to show the kids the beach and then some moron takes away one of the most precious priceless gifts of the family. Even Tim the peanut guy on 61 had a sign hanging to help the family. It also showed how a state could come together and help this family and still are. It was moving and I even cried thinking what if that was my child? She was innocently sleeping in her own bed. I only hope they find the scumbag who did this who cant be man enough to come forward and then let the inmates at him. He deserves nothing but grief. I think about the scene from Ghost when the black caped shadows come and take the bad guy. Someday this person will get theirs while meanwhile this little girl looks down from heaven and sees how her organs allowed others to live.

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