The Phoenix Rises – Original Poem

From the ashes of despair, covered in the blood of those that remain, the body lies

Haunting voices of spirits hover over the fog piercing the damaged soul
With one last breath and a moment of eternal stillness a transformation begins

Gentle kisses blow nature’s elements and create a body balancing nature and humanity into the wonder of survival

A great sacrifice is made

Violins play the tune of the devil as he departs to his cave deep in the chambers of your guilt soaked mind
As the music fades, a silence inhabiting the blacked sky settles on the hallowed ground

Slowly a rainbow of black and white rises, defining the laws of gravity

It is in flight that clarity if born

Visions of past, present and future collide in moment of orgasmic peace

The phoenix, now one with earth and sky has found a home above the clouds
Free to the blessing of rebirth, yet blinded to the future ahead

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