White Room – Original Poem

She is trapped in this hotel room

Walls of white numb her perception of the translucent images foreign to her reality

Where is she?
This place; this time
Alone, naked void of time and space

There is no sound; no color; no thought
Pain is a neutral balance of euphoria and the fiery pit of evil

Searching around the room, she finds only mirrors with no reflection
No windows; no doors, but a chilling wind sends shivers down her spineless back

Is this life after death or birth not yet in form?

On her chest a heartbeat felt; so slow it beats like the sound of a dying mute who is heard for the first time

She blinks moving from black to white and white to black. It is a moving picture of endless thought racing through her brain with no sign of an ending

When does this insanity stop?

Yet how can this be insanity when she is safe in peace?

She looks to escape, but chooses to remain in a home created from the dreams she once felt

4 thoughts on “White Room – Original Poem

  1. This is an interesting poem. It is an expression of trying to find what? Reality? while experiencing “translucent images foreign to her reality.” Lost in the nihilty of whiteness, “she looks to escape, but chooses to remain…” There is some thinking here.

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