Name my GPS Contest

You heard it right, we have a competition.

All of you were so receptive to my plea for your opinions on my last book cover that I thought I would reach out once again and ask for your thoughts on a name for my traveling companion. She is sleek, smart and very chatty.

Please leave a comment with what you feel her name should be. If you are the person that comes up with the name for my new baby, then you will win an autographed copy of my latest book.

If more than one person provides the name that is chosen, the prize will go to the first respondent.

Think about it, an autographed copy of my latest book. Deep sigh.

I am looking forward to all your creative thoughts. I want something unique, passionate, fun and exciting.

Get your thinking caps on and put your comments below.

Thank you all in advance.

6 thoughts on “Name my GPS Contest

  1. Sleek…smart…chatty….I think of all the great lgals from a bygone era….
    Bacall or Hepburn!…bother were sleek…smart….and chatty…(Hepburn more than Bacall on this point)! And from this era….Madonna. gets it.. (oops..thats more than one)!

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