The Demon – Original Poem

Hear me, hear me, hear me
I look to you for guidance

The forest is filled with sharp poisonous temptation
The fruit is not of a pure vine
It is with the sweetness of its juices I yearn
Its pleasure coats my throat as it rattles to the bottom releasing its venom into my veins and corrupting the sanctuary within

What heartless creature from beyond would lead me to this seemingly dismal path, alone, cold, wet and confused?

I call to you in the pitch black room with no end nor beginning

I can hear you laughing in the corners of my mind

You see everything as I see nothing

I plead for forgiveness for the sins I will soon commit as this sin fills my insides.

I have fallen victim without warning; without cause

I want to believe in righteousness, but fear it is too late

I call to you once more; silence the demons and guide me to the antidote before the image in the mirror is no longer my own

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