Chemical Imbalance – Original Poem

It is a chemical imbalance of normalcy and insanity that mixes finely with the potion of life
The scent of spices and scorching of love the bites so hard

With the bitter chill of the winter months and the blistering shower of sweat caressing the skin in the sweltering heat of summer, our body adjusts

It is a seesaw effect that confuses us, but welcomes us with consistent change

Why do we run from the heat hiding in the shelter of the water surrounding and cooling the skin?
Why do we hide under the fort of feathers and cotton instead of embracing the shiver of winter’s bounty?

It is the fear in comfort that is the truth of the mystery we undergo in the pursuit of life’s meaning

In birth, an inherent flaw is tattooed as a reminder of the imperfection that makes us all so beautiful;
The birthmark of ritualistic freedom to make mistakes and learn

We are the product of misfortune; the original sin
In the earliest words of existence we are told perfection has been denied
In a court without a jury, our fate was met millions of years prior to existence

Now we must amend for damnation that is not our own

As the winter passes and summer awakes, we each take comfort in life’s shortcoming
It is the curse that will become the greatest gift

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