She – Original Poem

She maybe the reason I exist
The warmth in winter bliss

She is the feeling I deny when life has cast a shadow over my dreams
She is the inspiration over a cloud of uninspired
She is the safety on my climb to the unknown

In an instant I found pleasure in her kiss
In its lustful simplicity and moist tenderness I rest my lips upon hers

To touch the soft curves of her body; my fantasy

She is right for all wrong; the hidden treasure in the vast blue sea
She strengthens my soul with each word bedding my state of being

It is now I can rest on this satin bed of nature curled in her arms
Feeling her breath against my still frame; I am at peace

She maybe the reason I can love
She is the essence of all above
She is the power from within
She is cast of all prior sin

In the heart of all that is right, I found her alone in the night
Now with every step I take, she is with me for all time sake

One thought on “She – Original Poem

  1. I believe both sides should be presented

    She may be the reason I can’t love
    She is the bain of my existence and all above

    She is a vacuum from within
    She is the originator of carnal sin

    In my heart where all is right, I find I am alone at night
    Now with every step I take, she is a bad memory a mistake.

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