The Cure – Original Poem

You are the medicine that cures the disease
A warm savory antidote to the poison that is incurable passion

With a warm bowl of sultry wet fierce red blend, the body is covered from head to toe with the heat of the elixir

Feel its penetration through the pores into the veins rushing through the body
A burst of endurance awakes the hibernating spirits from within

It feels the heart with rage and awakens a numbness that has clustered the senses for too long

Now in you I see the answers
In you, I feel once again
In you, I breath a new tomorrow

I saw you today, a shadow of my past and a fixture of my future. It is the unknown darkness that brings out the light and guides me to your illumination that is my earthly savior

In a pronounced statement from the high prophets of the new world order a king and queen are crowned and a new freedom doctrine is published

It is today that society rests in peace, law is a myth and love is the guidance of expression

You and I will reign in this new civilization
With a staff and a bow we release free reign on the people to love

It is through us that we will be
Not in words
Not in actions

In a legacy that starts with a kiss

One thought on “The Cure – Original Poem

  1. Butterfly, this poem made Me think of you. I can’t wait for tomorrow. For that kiss.

    And to the amazing poet.
    You have reached into my heart and soul and warmed them both on a very dark and scary day. Thank you.

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