Empty Promise – Original Poem

The countless words of soothing refreshment
The fervor of hearing the sounds of affirmation putting me in a place of safety and comfort

It is in this womb I look to you
A pact of blood now dripping to the curbside as the only image I see is a reflection in the darkness

I am trapped in this cell, sentenced to a lifetime of hurt for a broken vow never spoken from my mouth

A document sworn on by the testimony of your heart was the gift I awaited my entire life.
To hear, to feel, to experience that covenant in your arms

Now it is gone
A lie wrapped in an empty promise

Were your words of silence a ruse?
A clever game or a masquerade to mystify my senses

Now the words are gone
I am alone but each sound continues to echo inside my head
A slow and waning torture getting louder with each passing second

When will it end

The promises
The lies
The emotional damage

I look to the outside as my body deteriorates in this abandoned chamber of solitude
Drenched in a pool of betrayal

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