A Passing Love – Original Poem

Like the shadows creeping up in the distance, I will always be by your side
My body may be gone, but this spirit rests inside your restless heart

It is the gift of life in death that keeps my memory alive
It is you that bears the torch
It illuminates the courage I could not express to you
It fuels the flame of a passion so intense that the wetness of my lips on yours can still be felt

Now you must rest and hold me close
Each memory a bed time story as you dream of a time when we both fell from the clouds and landed in the womb of a divine love

You can hear me in the wind
Whispering soft nothings in you ear and touching your velvety skin with the breast strokes of a brush resting on the canvas of life

Now the future is before you.
You are not alone
I am always close caressing your body with the embodiment of heaven’s assistance

Look to the stars for light, the sun for guidance and our love for safety

Don’t ever forget for I am not gone but a partner in your continuing journey

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