Deep in Her Eyes – Original Poem

No one knows what it’s like to see the world through your eyes.
Your tired eyes, worn from life’s trials

It is in those eyes that I see life in all it’s majesty and beauty
A lover with the skin of a warrior
Fierce, but gentle

In all your weariness, a glimmer of hope for the true vision to arrive and welcome you into a home of solitude and warmth

It is dark now
A stillness has chilled the night air
You can hear your past hidden in the shadow, laughing at the power it has encompassed over the vulnerability time has presented

Now is the time to look beyond the darkness
A light has cast an incandescence of exclusionary love

A sentimental crush waiting patiently for your time
Now he extends his arms with selfless passion to you

His world is sacrificed to heal your wounded spirit

Now together a new path is drawn with unknown expectations but a promise of a continued brightness

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