We may be connected, but are we touching..

I had an opportunity to watch a remarkable new show on Fox, Touch featuring Kiefer Sutherland. Aside from an astonishing concept that has global appeal and an emotional message of connection, this show hit the heart of some of my deepest thoughts.

As an addictive, 24 fan, my expectations were high for Kiefer Sutherland and I was not let down. Driven by the concept that we send millions of texts, connect through email, social networks and mobile tracking, the show derives that though millions of interactions occur around the world each and every day, how often to truly touch one another. Think very hard about that statement and see if you can comfortably address that question?

Through human interaction, decisions are made and actions are taken that have a true domino effect. Though in hindsight, one action may influence another event, but it truly can effect hundreds of other simultaneous or future events. We are all unconditionally connected to each and every thing. Is it coincidence, fate or another power that controls our actions?

The depth of life is a wondrous miracle. Human, animals, plants, chemicals, vitamins, all cohesively living in co-habitation on this planet with the goals of sharing resources to continue the gift of life.

Do we see this? For many, life is a bubble. It is a comfortable place of our core surroundings where we understand the actions, the behaviors and the people and places that collectively create our own personal utopia. This is our circle of life. For some it is a single town, a cave, a state, a country, a family or complete isolation. The truth is, the connection of life is endless. We can never truly isolate our being. No matter what choices we make, there are consequences on others. We are all responsibility for something much greater than ourselves.

There are moments in my life that I see things in a much greater light, but not often enough. It is almost a shame that a show needs to remind me, but then again, I saw the show because another connection reminded me.

How often do we hear people talk about “paying it forward” or “karma will come back to bite you in the ass”. In theory, every calculated and un-calculated event that is possible will happen at some time. When you allow yourself to be free of expectations and see each day of your life as something wonderful, almost magical, you will start to see things differently than you ever have before.

Lay in a dark room or a dark field and listen. Listen very closely. You will hear sounds that have previously been blocked from your sub-conscious. You will hear insects, birds and even wind but if you listen very very closely, you will hear the air and the sounds of darkness. There is so much more we chose not to see and hear. Imagine you could hear and see everything that is right before your eyes.

It would be a life experience full of the greatest wonder you could ever imagine.

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