Goodbye Whitney Houston – You voice and soul will always remain in our hearts

There are a few artists that truly transcend time. Their contributions to their field, their impact on the fans and their message are eternal. Whitney Houston was blessed with a voice that could soothe the world, a beauty that was natural and refreshing, talents that so few of us can ever achieve and a message of love that will remain with us.

For so many, she, like Michael Jackson and Madonna, Whitney defined a generation of music and her legacy and sound have remained long after her recording career ended. She made us remember a song more than a football game, swept us off our feet in The Bodyguard and made us want to dance with somebody all night long.

On a day of remembrance, let us enjoy the music that made her a legend in our hearts.

Thank you Whitney, for the music, the films and the inspiration

Whitney Houston – A Class All Her Own Playlist

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