What are you waiting for? – Seize your moment

“The future starts today, not tomorrow.” – Pope John Paul II

I have seen enough love pass me by to say enough is enough. What are we afraid of? As we sit back in our safety net and shield ourselves from the perils of life, the only certainty that follows is the closer we get to death.

How many friendships have been lost because someone felt the other may want more and they were afraid to confront the situation?

How many relationships failed because of the fear of falling in love?

How many dreams unfulfilled because of the possibility of failure?

How many passions unrealized because we guard against risk?

Life is moving forward second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour. How cliche is it to say “life is short” or “live each day as if it is your last”. For most, waited words either on ourselves or others. We don’t live each day with “purpose”. We live each day in comfort by going to work, saving our money, living within our means and hopefully retiring with enough money to live out our lives.

As a child, we are not awakened to the realities of adulthood. The greatest gift our parents can give us is allowing us to dream without limitations. We see a universe that never ends, buildings we can leap over and fantasies of heroism and romance.

We tell our children we love them each and every night before they go to bed, but not often enough to our life partner. Children will get on a bike or skateboard, fall and get up again until they master the art of the ride? How many of us change our commute to work..ever? Children want to be the greatest in the world. Adults want to live through the week so they can go fishing?

Are you seeing the issue here?

We are fragile beings who truly can see life reach a bitter end with one mistake, one error of judgement, one unfortunate twist of fate. We are the most delicate beings woven into a complex machine with one unique feature that sets us apart, the ability of rational thought. We are gifted with the minds to dream and achieve.

Nothing brings people together and forces them to re-evaluate their lives more than tragedy. It is this phenomenon that presses our invisible reset button and for a moment, just a moment puts us in a place to look at life’s path and determine if it is the right course. That moment fleets away very quickly and we slip back into the routine that we have grown to be so comfortable and safe with. It is comfort and routine that we embrace, not risk and uncertainty. How ironic, for the true dreamers, the immortal legends, the pioneers ignite their inner child to achieve the impossible by taking risk.

I can’t tell you how to lead your life or judge whether what you do is right or wrong. All I can do is this; remind you of who you are and what you are capable of. Do not sit back and let this gift of life pass you by. It is a gift, a wonderful exciting gift.

You are born with an unshaped legacy that only you can mold and sculpt and thus become an immortal soul.

We never have yesterday or tomorrow; only this moment.

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