The Cancer Inside All of Us – Original Poem

It silently kills as it poisons the bloodstream
Kissing the essence of life with its venomous lips

In the soul of the living, it is an aura that lingers after the body is swept away and we are only left with memories drenched in the blood of nightmares

How do we cope as we watch a temple filled with love get taken over by a growth that preys on fear?
It is the collective darkness that surrounds the frail vessel that was once abundant with the promise of a new tomorrow

As the sun sets on another life, it rises once again to those left behind
Answers never to be found
The feel of the human touch lost forever
Tears, the only comfort left

Why now?
Why cut a life in the prime of goodness?
With an open heart, she is victimed, scared and weak
Serenity lost

As the body mass declines, so to the senses, but the heart
The strength of the center of all its heavenly being is joined by the forces in all of us, fighting for a chance
The battle is long, the war eternal, the end, inevitable

Now we wait, we hope, we prepare…

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