Blue Waters of Her Eyes – Original Poem

The blue waters in your eyes welcome my soul into a baptism of self cleansing
A friend til the end

A girl without warning, sweeping in like a tornado
Showering you with love and drowning your sorrow

In a deafening silence she pierces through the core of reality to reveal the fantasy that is within all of us.

She is a princess in the kingdom self-awareness
The cure for all disease
The warmth that melts away the Ice Age

The flow of her secret sends shivers down your spine penetrating the pores and exciting the blood flow to your heart

It is that fire that burns in the mental inferno that heats the loins of love
She blazes through you leaving only ashes

Crying for the ecstasy of one more touch
The omnipotence of eternal knowledge, the keeper of salvation, the restful tone of a nurses hand

Now, she is an offering to your empty basket
Filling up your missing void
Extending a hand to the complete the circle of one

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