I’m a Nutcase – Original Poem

In the grand humor of the first impression, I stumbled upon the words I knew so well
It is in your eyes that my power is rendered worthless

Your glare; a projector to the moving picture of our future
Still frames moving slowly as our love grows for all eternity while our lips lie motionless without a single word spoken

Your favorite album has become the soundtrack of my life
You words; my dictionary
Your face; the canvas of ageless beauty

I can feel the beat of your heart enter into the passageway to my soul

Through the hourglass sand crystals in perfect flow are taken by the pull of gravity

There is an awesomeness in your touch. One that cannot be described by the closeness I feel

At this moment, with the very touch of your hand to my face, a promise is made

Our love is real
Our love is raw
Our love is deep
Our love is pure

It is now we shall live forever in the lustful sensuality of passionate innocence

You have broken the seal and patiently entered my guarded gate of loneliness filling the grounds with the ache of your being.

Now we entered the cave of the unknown, together in each others arms, we are powerful to the darkness

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