Essence of Love – Actual Letter of love (Couple separated by life and distance)

“Believe in the power of the pen and the words will guide you to your destiny”

(Actual Letter)

My dearest Hope,

I have to say that there are certain days in your life that are better off not being repeated. Saying goodbye to you was in all sincerity the most difficult thing I have ever had to do in my life. My heart has been aching inside every free moment I have alone to think and ponder. Unfortunately, this is my entire life now. The woes of my day are lengthy in nature. I missed the 5:25 flight because I was on line in check-in for over 45 minutes. They didn’t seem to care much. They put me on the 7:00 PM flight that did not take off until 8:45 due to thunderstorms. Now I know why I love Continental. I am in the air now. It is 10:10 and you are on your way home right now probably day dreaming about all the special moments we spent together. To top it all off, I have been sick to my stomach from the moment I entered the place. Of course the guy at the end of the aisle, who by the way is in my seat has his bag in the middle and both trays down. The people in front of me have the seats back. Can we say claustrophobic?

You letter was so eloquently written. You have a wonderful gift for writing. I am now eager to express our inner most emotions and feelings in words. If love is about feeling empty inside when you are not near and all your thoughts and dreams being filled with visions of you, I am madly in love with you. A love that can free our souls and take us to new and exciting heights.

In a weird and twisted way I am upset with life. Not because we are separated by 1200 miles and not because our love has provided a lifetime of gifts that we have shared in a short month. What is upsetting is that we are separated by a job, a societal norm that has forced us to live up to the standards of our civilized being and work to sustain an income and live. A job. A 9-5 Monday through Friday set of tasks that will help the gross national product of this country. It hurts me to know that this is the only reason we cannot be together. Do you know what I mean. Together we can tackle any obstacle and make the sun shine on a rainy day but I can’t be with you now. Why??? I’m sorry this train of thought has gotten me a bit riled up. Deep breath. I am better now. By the way, I haven’t seen Braveheart either.

“A fury races through the hearts of all men. A firey flame of passion clings to the inner soul and unleashes a thundering roar of sensual power and sexual lust. Their hearts shatter the walls that bondage their love.”

Quote by Me

You’re not the only one that can throw in a quote. I love every moment that we were blessed to have together. I love the touch of your soft skin. The feel of your moist lips on mine. The look in your eyes when I can gaze in and see forever. I love touch of your golden silky hair. The security of holding your hand on a crowded street. Lying next to you on an open field. The caressing lather of soap covering your body. Every touch, every kiss has the feel of uncertainty and intrigued like the first time we held each other close. I love you with all my heart and might.

If you close your eyes tight and clear your mind of all thoughts, you can feel me holding you closes and whispering words of love into your ear.

I miss you to the point that it hurts. I cried when I read the words on that letter. To me they weren’t just words. I could feel the emotion that went into the letter. That is part of the special bond we share together.

I miss you so much. I said that already didn’t I. I can’t express it enough. If I have to, I will write you every day with those words until you know without a doubt how I feel about you. When I left this afternoon, I did leave something behind. I left a piece of my heart with you.

It is about time to landing in the great state of Minnesota. In about 10 hours I am going to begin the first day of the rest of my life. One thing I do know, no matter where I work, no matter where I live you we be with me forever.

Love always
Hugs and kisses all night
Holding you in my dreams

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