Wicked – Original Poem

Running toward the shine of a soft moment of glorious paradise
Never stopping for the truth along the path

Words disguised as feelings playing off the lips of deception
Oh, this time it is real on the stones of false promises

The glass hides the images of emotions bleeding in silence and flowing down the cracks in the perfect pathway

Can you see the ghost recite absolute proverbs hiding under a costume designed by the demons we created with time

We are all chasing shadows trying to buy a life only on loan from the heavenly spirits

The epilogue will read that life was a failure in a world where success is a cliche of desperation blinded in a euphemism of children reciting the words of teachers trying to maintain innocence as long as the rains of aging hold back

Compassion hold tight as inexperience grows to hate and hate to awareness leading to the denial of the infinite end

The sun sets on another quiescent day and all is at peace for the moments we rest our wicked minds

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