Lonely – Original Poem

The sun rises on another day and warms my body as I lie in the desert alone
No sounds of birds
No call of the wild
No food to fill by empty belly
No water to drench my dehydrated soul

Alone I rest following the movement of sky as it journeys east to west
My destiny is worn its welcome and now it sits at the train station awaiting a vision of steam that will never arrive

I am stranded
Learning how to walk again but crippled in mental disease

I thought the dawn of a new day would refresh these feelings of alienation
I dreamed of a better tomorrow filled with the sugar drops of yesterday’s memories

I am in so much pain but a drop of blood not to be spilled

How do we measure life?
In moments?
In accomplishments?
In a first kiss or a last breath?

Under this roof, I am homeless. I am a vagrant in a world of impostors
With this money, I am poor. Without a voice to hold my fragile mind at ease, I am without value, without sanity, without reason, without purpose

The sun turns to clouds, clouds to rain, rain to awareness
Showering us with a warm rainfall of reminders of the realization of life

I close my eyes and learn to fly
To fly away into the night’s sky and toward the welcoming comfort of the universe’s mysteries

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