The Will To Be – Original Poem

I may lose the battle but you’ve given me the will to try

You are my sight when I have no eyes
You are a voice of reason when I am speechless
You are the guide in my journey for my legs are numb

The thorns cut my skin and blood drips on the beautiful rose in a cascade of nature and humanity

It is with passion that I say these words
It is with love I have the strength to wander into the temple of darkness
Risking the safety of all that is familiar
Stepping away from the rising sun and entering the eclipse of light

Now; the birth of a moment
Take my hand
With your gentle skin I melt into your fortress

The philosophy of sanity is your bible
Echoing the silent lessons of innovators of past

Acceptance of the end is only the beginning
Greatness is within reach and you have exalted all that is right

With a kiss, I am indebted

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