Imagination – Original Poem

You and me; we are the pretenders
Alone in the sandbox dreaming life away
We are not going to bankrupt our dreams with money and greed
We are not going to transcend time with selfish ambition

We are the keepers of the sand
The rulers of the playground

This is our time
Our moment to shine in the sun without the worry of life to scare us away

No one can stop this train
You and I are it
We have the answers to questions yet to be asked
We don’t need life to distract us
This maze is simple
The end is happiness in your arms

Your touch is my fuel
Your smile is my salvation
In my prayers, the happiness I find is knowing you are by my side

Growing up I will not do.
That means you are far away
In this dream, we own childhood and you and I are forever the rulers of this utopia in our minds

I miss my boo
I miss this haven of safety

Innocence forever

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