Impending Expiration – Original Poem

Silence deafens the room


As loud as the waters of the falls

Alone she sleeps
Blood seeping life into her listless body

When does the pain stop?

One hour of patience drowning in an eternity of uncertainly

Who do you think you are?
Who gives you the right to strip life from the living?
With only half a life gone, why is the future black?

Turning back the clocks of time in our minds in hopes of a miracle
Now sitting in the cold frozen in this moment
Shivering at the realization of the impending expiration

Now we collect tear drops only to swim away never to look back.
Soaked in a bittersweet pool of bravery that is slowly slipping away

Beyond the grave you will be loved as you were loved on this Earth
With every breath, your warmth enters our body and hugs our heart with all the strength in the world

One more hour, one step closer, one more soul slips away….

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