Why The Dark Knight will Rule the Summer of the Super Hero…

It is hard to imagine any film will top Marvel’s The Avengers who has taken in $513,672,000 after 24 days domestically and $1,295,272,000 worldwide making it the fourth highest grossing United States film and worldwide film of all time. In light of the spectacle image on the silver screen of action, violence, and good versus evil, there is another.

There are several things the public flocks to and why Batman will rise to the top once again:

1. Conclusions. If it is the end of a journey, legacy, a series we need to come to closure and see how it all plays out.

2. Darkness and the unknown. There is something about evil that makes our blood bubble. Why else do we flaunt deaths on Twitter, watch the evening news to find out about the murders and violence and secretly desire to find the misery in the world? Because it is exciting. It is the dark mystery of the underworld that creates the ultimate fantasy that most of us will never experience.

3. We are all flawed. We all battle our inner demons. If we can find someone like that to relate to, we cling on. If a flawed man can overcome his deepest issues to achieve greatness, we all have hope.

4. We want to believe that good will overcome bad. Deep down inside, we all inherently want a better world to live in.

5. Christopher Nolan is a directorial genius. He has not only resurrected a dynasty created by Tim Burton and Joel Schumacher but has taken it to levels that no one could have imagined. No offense to the legendary performance of Jack Nicholson as the Joker in the 1989 blockbuster, but Heath Ledger defined a career with his adaptation.

6. Awesome machines and vehicles. We love the cars and motorcycles.

7. Anticipation + strong script + great cast + great performances = Many many dollars

8. It’s Batman!

The Avengers did a nice campaign of trailers but it was build on a community of heroes who have been successful on the silver screen for many years (Except for The Hulk) and this collaboration has carried this film to global heights. There is no question, this franchise will continue, but….

Batman is a journey of discovery. It is a man fighting his past to wrong a right and then becoming a voice of a generation. No all agree with his vigilant behavior and those close to him understand his flaws, but in his revenge he found a calling, one that must see itself to its rightful end. How will that end? I don’t know but we all are eager to find out.

I know there are many of us, self included that wish to see another performance by Heath Ledger, but if I know Christopher Nolan, he will not disappoint the fans. If the posters, trailers, hype and pure adrenaline are any indication, the weekend of July 20th may be a very memorable one for Hollywood’s pockets.

The Dark Knight Rises – Trailer #3 (HD)

The Dark Knight Rises – Trailer #2 (HD)

The Dark Knight Rises – Trailer #3 (HD)

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