One Winter – Original Poem

The first snowfall of winter
The flakes take it slow on their journey to coat the earth with the purity of a white blanket washing away the guilt of the autumn

The smell of home
The longing for a time of simplicity and pleasure

A kingdom of crystals
Castles larger than life

Winter was our ice palace.
The villagers would flock in from the countryside
Rid of the tyranny of school

A new fortress of hope protecting us from the elements
We were safe now inside these icy walls
The evil parents behind enemy lines

With the freedom of imagination the yard is now a colony and I, it’s unconditional ruler

One Winter, I am King
One Winter, I am free
One Winter, all the world is at peace

How I miss the fall of the snowflake landing by my feet reminding me that a winter wonderland is arriving

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