Down by the River – Original Poem

Down by the river I lay my head in the stream of salvation
In the midst of the flow of the bath of life, I cleanse my soul

It is in these waters I find a new hope
A beginning in the middle of a finite end

The miracle that covers my body in this watery paradise sends shivers down my spine

I look to you now

This river breeds life
This river is long
This river is deep
This river gives me the courage to survive

Now I lay down by the river listening to the sounds of life’s passing moments
I feel the warmth of the sun and the coolness of the earth

Now I feel the water caress my feet as it leads me to a transformation

Down by the river we go

Life is behind me
Life is ahead

I walk to the reflection
Water is knee deep
I can see the shadow of my past
Lower I go
Underneath lies the answer

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