Last Breath – Original Poem

When the winter comes
When it is cold and dark
When there is no one to turn to
When the emptiness fills your heart with an shallow pool of sorrow
When there is no sign of light

Keep me in your heart

Remember me
Not as I am now, but as I was when you smiled

Keep me
Hold me
Cherish me
Forever I am by your side

My last breath is gone but I can feel you
The disease my have shut down my senses but it did not win

I have left you for a place I cannot understand
It is a world not comprehended by words, thoughts, beliefs or faith
It is a being not defined
A time without a clock
A feeling without emotion

Surreal to the human eye
Calm to the immortal soul

I have shared my last breath with you; not my last beat
My heart goes on
Not inside me but you.

You hold it close
You remember me
You share our stories
You wake up each day with a smile and lay to rest each night with a calm

I will always love you
Please feel no hate
Please feel no fear

You are not alone
My spirit lays beside you

When you shed a tear, I will dry your eyes.

It is now that the strength comes near and protects you in a moment of weakness

I have exhaled and now my breath is gone

I love you
I miss you
I am near
Reach out your hand and I will guide you each day of your life.

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